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on Wed Oct 03, 2018 3:28 pm
It's pretty simple really. Playing KEx is just like playing any other roll play except with a less aggressive flavor. Build, or by ships, explore the planets, mine asteroids and moons, build an outpost or two and make the world go round. KEx has three basic resources that are crucial to every company. Kredits, which is the standard currency for all companies in the game.

Resources: Kredits can be obtained through completing contracts for nations, selling goods, or trading with other corps. These can be used to purchase parts to construct craft, fuel for launching said craft, special resources, and trade. Science is a type of currency that can be used to buy technologies that will unlock new parts for craft or spending them on discoveries that will unlock special in game content and side contracts. Lastly there is the Influence resource. This is used to open new contracts with nations, stake claims on planetary bodies or influence nations in a pseudo political way. Each company has a base fund for each of these three resources. 10,000 Kredits per year, 5 Science points per year, and 1 influence per year. These will all be tracked on your economy sheet in a google doc. If you want changes to be made to that econ sheet just put in a note and it will be updated.

Secondary Resources: Fuel is the resource that determines the maximum number of craft you can launch in a given year. You also have a fuel reserve that can be tapped into as well that will sustain a number of craft for a given amount of time equal to the amount of fuel those craft consume compared to the amount of fuel stored. So if you have exceeded you fuel production you can continue to run craft until that fuel runs out. Every corp gets 5000 fuel units automatically every year. Extra fuel stores can be sold to the market at base price as long as you can get it back to a market hum or kerbin, or accumulated as long as you have the storage capacity. Fuel is a universal representation for all fuel types except for Radioactive and Exotic matter. Radioactive materials or RaM is used in reactors and can also be mined and traded like fuel. Unlike fuel however it is used by colonies to keep the power going. (See colony management.) Exotic matter is a resource at the end game era when interstellar travel becomes more common place. This commodity is treated just like fuel for warp based engines.

Trade Goods: You can use influence and science to acquire special trade goods that you can ship to and from trade hubs and other worlds. These goods can help other corporations with added bonuses to their craft. Population is a lesser resource that can be acquired by hiring them or by owning a colony where people wish to live and work. To hire new workers see the employment board. There is a onetime training fee for these workers and some special ones have yearly bonuses that they expect as well.

Time: Each in game year is equal to 14 real world days. So two weeks a turn basically. The standard kerbal day is 6 hours long with 40 day months and a 480 day year. Yes kerbin has a 33 hour month in the game and a 426.8 day year but for simplicity's sake we are making it all divisible by 40. Call it a standard galactic year. During this one year period all transactions and earnings are immediately counted but at years end the company's gross income is considered whatever is left over. Be careful at the end of the year some nations might require taxes. Building craft does take time however so if you need a ship fast you best plan ahead.

Distance:To make life simpler we are just going to take the average distance from each object and use that as the distance between planets. Otherwise Id have to create a java script with the orbital paths of every object and I'm not gonna do that. So to get from point A to point B just take the average distance between the objects and use this calculator to figure out how long the travel time is. http://nathangeffen.webfactional.com/spacetravel/spacetravel.php

Build Times: So build time is easy it take as many days to build a craft as its mass in tons +10 days.
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