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on Wed Oct 03, 2018 2:08 pm
Starting out on your adventure is simple and quick. you only need to follow some basic guides before committing to your comply.

1. First chose a corporation type from the list. Each has its own benefits and rolls in this budding new economy. The mining corp is the backbone of any space faring civilization, collecting and refining materials for parts, food, O2, and fuel. The security firm offers protection to those out in the vastness of space, where laws that apply on Kerbin become difficult to enforce. Think tanks are colleges of brilliant minds that seek to unravel the mysteries of the darkest planets. Lastly is the industrial company, fabricating everything from rockets, to habitats, to toilets. Each company type gets a bonus of some kind that gives it an advantage in its field.

Think Tank                25% bonus to science rewards.
Security Firm        15% reduction in fuel consumption for security craft, and one extra hard-point on security ships.
Mining Corporation 15% bonus to mining output, and a 10% bonus to fuel storage amounts on refineries.
Industrial Company 25% cost reduction to construction projects.

2. A random AI nation will be chosen to base your company headquarters in. This will also give you perks to your company that that are specific to that nation. One might give your company a piece of technology to start with, one might have a bonus to market prices so that you can sell your goods at a better price. Whatever the case this will be where your company will be based out of on the planet Kerbin and you will be reconvening many of your contracts from this nation’s government. Also keep in mind that national governments have interactions with one another and this can affect how your company may operate in the future. There may be sanctions or an all-out war. As a company you are not required to fight however they may ask you to develop new craft or supply them with goods based on the event. Other events may randomly occur that can influence the country as well.

3. Everything in Kex is roll play based, including mining outputs, launch windows, world events etc. When you build a craft and send it out to mine that crafts output is equal to what it is in game. It took that ship a week to get to the asteroid or moon, an hour to mine 600 units of ore and a week to get back. So that ship can mine 600 units every two weeks round to the nearest day. Refining is the same way as well. It takes your processor a day to convert that 600 ore into monopropellant and then three days to ship it back to Kerbin for sale. It is all just roll play based. Travel times are just averaged from where you are and the average distance between you and your target. So a trip from Kerbin to Jool is based on the average distance between the two planets.
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