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Welcome To KEx Please Read all the Rules First Empty Welcome To KEx Please Read all the Rules First

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 11:29 am
Welcome to Kerbal Explorers, a non war based Kerbal Space Program RP forum for those of us that are looking for something other than border disputes and posturing. KEx is dedicated to the exploration and development of the Kerbin system and its surrounding neighbors. You are an aerospace corporation or other privet entity with your eyes set on the riches and mysteries of space. Whether your goals are to set up the first self sustaining colony on duna, or become the largest mining consortium in the Dres sector, you are in command of your assets both on kerbin and around the system. You will receive contracts from the various AI nations of Kerbin or from other player and nonplayer corporations asking for your expertise in solving problems while developing the system. The goal here is cooperation and specialization not complete dominion over the planets and moons of Kerbin, but that does not mean you can't try.

Understand that your corporation is not a nation. Your corporation has little to do with the politics of the nations of the world and will focus on the development of new technologies and assets in space. Mess with the planet and you will have to answer to the Kerbin Union. Kerbin orbit is under the control of the Kerbin Union, a joint alliance of space faring nations around kerbin that protect orbital interests. Their mission is to keep the peace in orbit around the blue green ball and to make sure that the laws of kerbin are upheld within the Kerbin sector. Often times this involves sanctions or FCC intervention but in some rare instances military intervention.

There are four types of companies that you as a player can choose from, each giveing an advantage in a certain field or mechanic of the game. (link) Be aware that by choosing one of these paths for your corporation that you are not limiting yourself to only one field. If you choose to specialise in science and discovery you are not limiting your craft choices to only science based vehicles. You may also still build refineries or security craft. It is still important to note that focusing on your specialization more is a good tactics.

The most important thing to do is have fun. This game removes the international politics and organ measuring that dominates other Roll Plays. If you want to argue over national borders and AI control go right ahead, just not on this forum please. Now of course there are other section of the forum in the OOC threads and sub forums where you can talk about politics and war and other games to your hearts content.
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